Let us manage your entire HR department for less than half the cost of a full-time HR Manager

Fractional HR Professionals who don't just advise you, but actually get the work done for you

Zero recruitment fees

Fast Start

Remote and 'on site' support

The quality of work and service we received from HR Value Partners was excellent and any company would be wise to choose your firm as a partner

Let us manage your whole HR department, so you don't have to...

Let us set up/build your professional HR function

Every great business needs a professionalised HR function to ensure compliance, eliminate unnecessary risk and maintain a happy and productive workforce. We'll set up your policies, procedures and processes so you can build off solid foundations.

Let us do your recruiting so you don't ever have to pay recruitment fees again

We'll help you build a strategy and process to attract, hire and retain high caliber team members who are well looked after and are motivated to stay with you for the long term.

Let us help you with employee onboarding and training

We'll help design and implement a program to ensure that every new employee has a structured onboarding program and becomes productive over a much faster timeline.

Let us help you deliver a training and development program that inspires your team

We'll create a program for optimizing employee performance through training and development. This includes built in succession planning so that in the case team members leave, you don't have gaps.

Let us create and deliver your employee benefit and reward programs

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to retain employees. Part of the process is to build a strong benefits and rewards package that makes your company a more attractive place to work than your competition.

Let us build a compensation strategy designed to attract and retain top performers

Building the right compensation strategy is fundamental to an organisation's success. People are the driving force of any organisation and hiring and retaining great employees that perform to a high level and stay with you over the years, is arguably the top priority of any ambitious business.

HR Value Partners is a phenomenal partner and great value! We work with a wonderful team of HR professionals who understand the technical HR parts of our business and the best way to apply it to our specific needs. Professional, responsive and effective. Having such a great resource and partner means I don’t need a full time HR person. On top of that, with their ability to recruit as part of the service, we saved thousands in our first year alone!

Darren Mende, CFO/COO, SageGreenLife

How it works


Let's have a call to understand where you are now and where you want to get to


Every client gets 2 high caliber HR professionals. We'll match you up with the right people for your specific needs


We can get started in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit and onboard a full-time resource